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Only Trade Association of Pioneer Jewellers of Delhi & NCR Recognised by Ministry of Commerce - Govt. of India.

Who We Are ?

Established in 1937, Delhi Jewellers Association (DJA) works to represent and protect the interests of the jewellery industry and its consumers. With a membership of around 250 jewellers, the DJA is a state level organisation that covers all areas of the jewellery industry - from manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution to retail in Delhi & NCR.

The DJA is proud to promote the highest standards and ethics within the Indian jewellery industry and encourages consumers to shop with confidence where they see the DJA member sign.

The Delhi Jewellers Association (DJA) is an association of Delhi & NCR trade professionals dedicated to promoting the long term stability and integrity of the natural colour gemstone and diamond industries.



Completed 74 years of association in serving gemstone and diamond industries and consumers.



  • To represent and further the interests of the natural colour gemstone and Diamond industries in the Delhi & NCR.
  • To promote, maintain, and perpetuate the highest ethical standards among the Members of the DJA and within the natural colour gemstone and Diamond industries.
  • To protect the natural colour gemstone and Diamond industries, related industries, and ultimately the consumer from fraud, abuse, misrepresentation, and deceptive advertising related to natural colour gemstones.
  • To create a greater awareness and knowledge of colour gemstones and Diamond and act as a source of information for the jewellery trade to disseminate to the consumer.
  • To educate these industries, related industries, and the consumer about natural colour gemstones and Diamonds.
  • To assist the consumer in identifying dealers of integrity in the natural colour gemstone and Diamond industries.
  • To assist the natural colour gemstone and Diamond industries in identifying dealers of integrity in the wholesale colour gemstone marketplace.
  • To establish closer communication and information sharing between the DJA and all segments of the jewellery trade and related industries.


Our Mission

The Association pursues its goals through the combined use of educational programs, publicity, industry events, government and industry relations, and printed materials for both the trade and consumer. The DJA is well-known in the gemstone and jewellery industries for maintaining the highest ethical standards.

One of the primary missions of the Delhi Jewellers Association is to provide information and education to help sell more colour gemstones and Diamonds. DJA also believes that the greatest need for this education exists on the front lines with the sales associates who work directly with the consumer. With this in mind, DJA has created an online e-learning platform to provide quality, affordable educational modules on colour gemstones and diamonds.

As a benefit of membership in DJA, each member company will get two FREE registered users. Additional staff members will be 1000 per person.


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